Premix for Laying & breeder hens
Improvement in egg weight, feed, consumption, egg shell quality, and egg's quality (inner)


REMINERALIZATION SOLUTION FOR LAYER AND BREEDER HENS based in a mixture of organic acid salts, vitamins and microencapsulated minerals.
Optimal Bioavailability. A special formula designed to obtain a high sorption of oligo-elements and vitamins, obtaining a balanced micro-biota, nutrient's sorption and calcium transport in the bloodstream to optimize the calcium's (shell) metabolism in the oviduct. Short Chain Fatty Acid in formula, is the energy source for enterocytes, complementing the endogenous production formed in the fiber fermentation, and reinforcing the role of Fatty Acids in Intestine. pH's regulation in stomach and Intestine


25 Kg aluminium bags
1000 Kg big bags