Our experience in active beginning and ingredients allows us to perfect the performance and to obtain synergies of the such as antirust products, organic acids and his you go out.

The dedication and the effort realized by the human equipment of the company has given as fruit the creation of two new lines, which undoubtedly were marking one before and one later in the line of the animal nutrition of our company:

  • The MICRO-ENCAPSULATION: protected Nutrients that avoid the interaction of other nutritional agents beside exercising his action directly in the intestine.
  • The NANOTECHNOLOGY that opens a wide world of applications for his major absorption, diffusion and efficiency for minor costs.

These new technologies designed by the company represent a very important advance in the animal sector that there allow to give more rapid and effective solutions and what is mass importantly to a very much minor cost.

Our technology of enteric protection he presents a physical structure different from the products known like covered, coated ó microencased, allowing a very small size of particle, improving the performance of the protection opposite to the mechanical activity of the factories of fodder, farms on having distributed it and the temporary employee masticamiento on the part of the animals in the moment of the final consumption.

I+D has been and is for the company and his technical equipment, a fundamental challenge.

The experience of our human equipment allows us to develop products adapted to the dynamics of market. An example is the manufacture of you go out of the acid butiryc in deodorized form, avoiding the characteristic smell of this product.