Microencapsulated premixes vegetable fat


We present our range of products protected the fruit of intense study and efforts to improve our exclusive microencapsulation technology.

The nutrients in the diets of man and animals are exposed to both physical and chemical factors and microbiological properties can vary and decrease its effectiveness.

From the first moment in the development of a diet (I think), air, temperature, moisture and microbiological contaminants: Bacteria, fungi and yeast can alter the physical and chemical characteristics and therefore nutritional and / or pharmacological.

It is very important to note that in addition to external factors, nutritional or pharmacological substances can interact with each other due to its chemical and reactive (acid / base, oxidant / reducer etc ...) depending on the conditions in which are found in temperature, humidity, and pH, being able to reach levels of destruction of up to 70%.

The transit of nutrients through the digestive tract due to fluid intake and body temperature by the action of the microbial flora and enzyme system favoring negative changes of these substances.

The use of nano-materials, although for some action to substantially increase their effectiveness and ultimately, on the other hand make them more susceptible to the action of all the factors outlined above.

In our case, the protection of these nutrients through nano-encapsulation makes them completely stable substances from the first moment of the preparation of a feed and throughout the process and the entire digestive route to its release into the intestinal tract, keeping the potential nutritional and pharmacological, with the following characteristics:

  • Reduction - optimization of the required dose of each additive in animal feed
  • Best bioavailability
  • Avoid the interactions between the components within the food (for example, the free acids react with calcium carbonate mixed in the feed)
  • Respect the environment (lower traces of additives in manure)
  • And finally, and most importantly, to be much more economically efficient.